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December 2016 event feedback

19 Jan

Intro At our December 2016 reboot event, participants were good enough to give their feedback. I have transcribed the Post-It notes from the three canvases which were on the Campus North classroom walls. The text in italics in my / our responses; some things seemed relevant (aka our domain), other stuff not so much… – […]

Join us at our event on 6th Dec at Campus North

22 Nov

… and we’re Back! Join us for an exciting evening with the (re)launch of Lean North East, on 6th December at 5.30 pm (for 6) at Campus North. Lean Startup for Business Innovation The focus of the evening is ‘Why are we Using Lean Startup for Business Innovation’? The evening consists of early drinks and […]

Our next Event – The Legend of the MVP

27 Feb

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) has taken on almost mythical status in recent times but just what is an MVP, when should you use an MVP and what are the benefits? Join us at our next event on Monday 10th March when we’ll be discussing MVPs in more detail, hearing from both local and international […]

Lean Sales & Marketing – slides and photos

1 Nov

Intro Hey folks – thank you to everyone who attended last week’s “Lean Sales and Marketing” event. It was a great turnout – and you can still give us feedback via Survey Monkey. Thank you to our Speakers A huge thank you to Ellie Mirman, Richard Lane, and Saul Gowens for their talks. Slides Ellie […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week at Teesside University

25 Oct

Cross-posted from This month, we settled into our home at Boho 4, which means we have made the final transition from the accelerator part of the programme into our incubator here at Searchcamp. Now that Searchcamp 1 has drawn to a close, we have been gearing ourselves up for what’s ahead, including organising some […]

Websand’s 4c’s of Lean Marketing

24 Oct

Cross-posted from Saul Gowens writes: “I launched this idea as part of a talk at a Lean North East on Monday night. This also included historic footage of Lisa Simpson creating the Lean Start Up – but that is for another post. The idea for the 4C’s is to suggest a framework to apply for […]

Lean Sales and Marketing event, 21st October

8 Oct

Introduction Can the principles of Lean Startup – release quickly, test with real customers, measure and iterate – be applied to sales and marketing? Join us at our next event on Monday 21st October when we’ll be exploring this idea with speakers from HubSpot, Websand and Lean Sales Panel. This is a great opportunity for […]

Interview with with Carl Jones, MD at Technically Compatible

23 Sep

Lean Startup 101: Interview with Carl Jones, Managing Director at Sunderland startup Technically Compatible. After the recent Lean Startup 101 course we caught up with Carl Jones, Managing Director at Technically Compatible, to chat about his interest in Lean Startup and how his company is applying Lean methods to product and business development. 1. Tell […]

Write up: Lean Startup 101 – Lean Startup in a Day

19 Sep

Intro This post is a rapid reflection of Saturday’s proceeding, delivered by Tendayi Viki. Please cross-refer to my earlier post Lean Startup 101 – Lean Startup in a Day for more info. Slidedeck Lean Startup 101 – One Day Workshop from Tendayi Viki Links The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less Stumbling on Happiness […]

Lean Startup 101 – Lean Startup in a Day

1 Sep

Lean North East, ignite100 and Gateshead College are teaming up to bring ‘Lean Startup 101 – Lean Startup in a Day’ to Newcastle on Saturday 14th September. Financial support from the ignite100 community fund means that we can offer heavily discounted tickets to the 24 course participants, so waste no time in signing up! The Course Lean Startup is […]