Lean North East January 2013: Lean Startup – It’s not just for Startups

3 Jan

Think Lean Startup is just for startups? Think again.

Join us for our first event of 2013 when NCFE will be talking about their experience of the Lean Startup Machine workshop and how they are applying Lean Startup principles in an organisation with over 150 members of staff that is rapidly growing.

NCFE is a leading national awarding organisation that designs and develops nationally recognised qualifications and awards for learners at all levels. Over 340,000 learners from over 2,000 colleges, schools and training organisations chose NCFE to help them move their careers forward last year.

In October 2012 NCFE attended the Lean Startup Machine weekend in London,an intensive three-day workshop, which teaches Lean Startup methodologies and their applications for product, customer, and business model development.

On January 14th we will be joined by Lindsey Gibson, IT Services Manager at NCFE and David Grailey, Chief Executive. They will talk about their experience of the Lean Startup Machine and how they are applying Lean Startup to product development, innovation, and company growth. They will also talk about their learnings from the LESS 2012 Lean and Agile Conference held in Tallin, Estonia in November 2012. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, munch pizza and have a good natter together, plus an update on the possibility of bringing the Lean Startup Machine to the North East in 2013.

The evening is kindly hosted by Newcastle University Business School and we’d love to see you, so come along… learn, chat, eat pizza… it’ll be fun and a great way to kick off the New Year.

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